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People hand using mobile phone or smartphone searching for information in internet online society web with search box icon and copyspace.

People hand using mobile phone or smartphone searching for information in internet online society web with search box icon and copyspace.

As a digital marketing company, we do a lot of keyword research and look at a lot of data. We have also used quite several different programs to do so. We decided to compare three popular keyword tools (Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, and Google Keyword Planner) and give our honest opinion. 

If you are an entrepreneur and you want to get your site or your client’s site, ranking for some excellent keywords, some tools are the perfect place to start. These tools make it easy to look at the data and find exactly what you are looking for. 

There are many programs, free or paid, that swear they are the best SEO tools for analytics and data. However, when all of them are boasting to be the best, how do you choose? How do you know which ones are actually good at what they do, and which ones should be sent down to the pit?

At Romain Berg, we are continually using keyword tools to create the best content for our clients. If you are looking for assistance in boosting your rankings on search engine result pages, we have got you covered.

Fill out our contact form, and we will help you find the best keywords for your business and turn them into informative content.



AHREFS is the top-tier of internet keyword researching websites. It’s an absolute powerhouse of information.

While using AHREFS, you can look at the keyword difficulty, the average monthly searches, and, most importantly, how many clicks the search gets. With AHREFS, it’s easy to make lists of keyword suggestions and organic keywords. You can even use this SEO tool to see what websites you should be watching for organic traffic. The content explorer feature allows you to see social shares and see what’s popular on social media. 

AHREFS scope goes beyond what we’ve listed, and you can find new, useful tools the more you use it.

Our Honest Opinion

If you’re strictly an SEO guru that hates writing, this is perfect. It takes all the guesswork out of content and just gives you a very clear, data-driven approach to take. If you love data and track keywords you’re trying to rank for (or trying to get your client to rank for), this is for you. 

With all of the data you can dig through, you’re going to find the goldmine of keywords with high search volume and low difficulty. We give Ahrefs two very enthusiastic thumbs-up, and it is an excellent SEO tool to discover new keywords in your niche.


Ubersuggest keyword seo tool

Free resources are always an incredible option for SEO research, especially when you are starting out. Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool from Neil Patel. Patel is well-known in the world of content creation. According to the Wall Street Journal, he is one of the top influencers on the web.

His tool, Ubersuggest, is one of the sites that will help you develop fresh content ideas for blogs and website copy. There are a couple of steps to utilizing this tool to help you select the blog ideas and keywords that are optimal for your blog topics and overall website.

  1. Enter Ubersuggest
  2. Enter your desired keywords. For example, if you have a paint your own pottery business, it might be counter-intuitive to find topics for your blogs based on fictional baseball players. However, if someone is looking for baseball-themed pottery, that might help you develop some blog topics for your business. Type in words “baseball” + “pottery” and hit enter.
  3. Take a look at the results. The broader your keywords, the more opportunities you have to go through. Sometimes if your keywords are too broad, you could be wasting time slogging through options that are nowhere near what you were thinking of for blog topics. Work with this tool for a bit until you can get an idea of what kind of keywords work for you and your business brand.

As with any keyword tool, it may take some time to get the most out of the program. But, once you’re over those hiccups, they are an essential component of content creation.

Our Honest Opinion?

Neil Patel is a master of content and copy. But there is room for improvement when it comes to his tool. Ubersuggest is useful but simply doesn’t offer the practical data as many other SEO tools.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keywords Planner

To use Google Keyword Planner, you need a Google account. It is free to use.

 Then, enter your preferred keyword. Google will generate a list of potential options and keywords associated with the words you typed in. The broader the keyword, the more results you will get from the program.

This program can give you useful search volume and forecast data that is helpful when selecting keywords.

Additionally, you will see:

  • Avg. monthly searches;
  • Top of page bid (low range);
  • Top of page bid (high range);
  • Competition

If you find it challenging to get started, here is a simple “how-to” guide.

While useful, Google Keyword Planner does not deliver as many keyword results as other tools on the market. You might be better off using a keyword tool that will give you all of the results.

Our Honest Opinion

When it comes to free SEO tools, this one isn’t the best, in our opinion. While it is a tool created by Google for Google, other options deliver more.


Overall, AHREFS is what we prefer for researching keyword ideas. The data-driven approach is straightforward and easy to use. AHREFS offers you useful insight to help you craft content that will land you high on the search engine result pages.

Hire the Professionals

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If the idea of keyword research and finding the perfect SEO tool for content creation seems daunting, hire the experts.

At Romain Berg, we understand and use the best comprehensive tools to help us deliver results, not hype.

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