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Young women doing a Google Digital Garage course online

Young women doing a Google Digital Garage course online

As a business leader or owner, you know digital marketing must get a significant portion of your marketing dollars and person-hours. Enter Google Digital Garage.

Finally, someone has created timely, well-organized, easy-to-understand courses that owners and leaders can easily consume to up their digital marketing savvy. 

It’s paramount to understand how digital marketing works (and where you should prioritize your spending and time) to create consistent business wins. Google Digital Garage helps you zero in on DIY practices that can increase traffic and conversions to all your digital channels.

While it’s crucial to be digital-marketing-smart, most leaders would rather focus on business operations, product innovation, networking, and audience development. When you know what you want from digital marketing, but can’t get there yourself, contact Romain Berg.

We specialize in done-for-you SEO, Content Marketing, Website Design, and a comprehensive digital marketing service menu. Contact us today to create and implement a customized digital marketing strategy that gets results, not hype.

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Google Digital Garage Defined

Someone typing on a laptop

Google Digital Garage is targeted toward several camps of learners (although anyone with interest in eCommerce can dive in): 

1.Aspiring digital marketers. These users are keen to jump-start their skills with a foundation of basic digital marketing knowledge. SEO, Google Ad Words, Google Analytics, and more education on the Google Business App and related digital commerce topics are a good place to start. 

Once certified, they can add those credentials to their resume to gain more traction on professional digital marketing roles. They can also add to their existing skills to become better matches for digital-heavy positions.

2. Start-up entrepreneurs (or solopreneurs) launching their businesses. These users need an inexpensive way to ramp up their digital marketing before building an extensive marketing budget. (If you’ve launched a company before, you likely understand this precarious position well!)

3. Career Development. If there’s a gap in your online knowledge, Google Digital Garage likely has a course for it. You can pick and choose whichever courses will supplement your existing experience and go for career advancement.

Google Digital Garage is a compilation of over 100 free and fee-based courses for getting your business online, developing your careers, and getting seen on the internet. 

The courses range from 1-40 hours, and some include certificates, like the Digital Marketing Fundamentals course. Some certifications have associated fees.

Google produced these courses independently and also collaborated with several industry heavy-hitters, such as Northwestern University and the University of Illinois. 

You can pick and choose which courses have relevance for you; there’s no particular order of completion. Plus, the courses come packaged in bite-sized modules for self-paced learning. 

In other words, if you have a lot of time on your hands, you can choose an intense study pace or dip in whenever your schedule allows.

Of course, all the Digital Garage courses are 100% online. They contain a mix of difficulty from beginner to advanced.  

Do I need Google Digital Garage?

e-commerce on a laptop with shopping carts and retail bags

It’s a great idea to increase your digital marketing knowledge, whether you DIY your SEO, content production, and Pay Per Click buys or outsource them. Why? Because you’ll make better decisions with more knowledge no matter who you pay to tackle your digital marketing.

Knowing more about digital marketing will help you clarify your needs, challenges, and goals. Doing so allows you to choose resources and support that will deliver the most return on investment.

Google Digital Garage provides a solid foundation of digital knowledge at zero cost (except your time), and you can focus your learning efforts on your most immediate needs.

The downside to Google Digital Garage

an infographic of people being engaged and using Google

Remember, Google is a massive business. Yes, some of their courses are free, but also self-serving in varying degrees. Google’s goal is to keep you engaged with Google, first and foremost.

Much of their course work centers on making you a better and more frequent user of Google platforms, like Google Ads, for example. Though they may provide quality instruction at little to no cost, they aim to make you a paying customer, just like every other business.

And, if you’re not a paying customer, you’re the product. The more time you spend on Google, the more the search engine can market other products to you based on your ad preferences and personal data. Google’s job is to help you find what you’re looking for online and to serve up new customers for their ad-buying audience too.

As long as you’re aware of how you’re using Google (or how they’re using you), then it’s a “green light.” Time to dive into their education as much as can be useful in your business. 

What courses will help me the most as a small business owner?

A small-business owner successfully using social media

As an owner, your time is likely at a premium, no matter how long you’ve owned your business. You may benefit most from completing several shorter courses like Connect With Customers On Mobile or Customer Segmentation and Prospecting. 

Courses like Make Sure Customers Find You Online is an excellent choice for beginners, while Content, Advertising, and Social IMC may fit a more seasoned, digital savvy owner.

Indeed, any course work you choose will give you a leg up in your sector. The best topics are the ones that capture your interest or solve an immediate problem. Try viewing the Google Digital Garage course selection to see if any of them catch your eye and make you want to dedicate a lunch hour to a learning adventure.

Combine your digital smarts with Romain Berg’s experience

Professionals working in digital marketing

Accumulating digital marketing knowledge is a wise use of your time, to a degree. Putting your knowledge into practice takes time and energy you have in short supply. 

At Romain Berg, we LOVE working with clients that know a thing or two about digital marketing. We value transparency and data above all else, and we’re happy to walk you through the “why’s” and “how’s” within our digital marketing expertise. 

The main difference between you and us is time, experience, and practice (oh, and enjoyment.) Because we specialize in digital marketing, we’ve done and seen enough online to know what works and what doesn’t. And how to leverage your online presence into increased traffic and conversions. 

There’s no guesswork in our service, just a tidy combination of SEO art and science (among our other strengths.)

Contact us today, and we’ll reach out to build a customized digital marketing strategy that meets you where you are and blasts through your digital marketing goals reliably.

About the Author

Sam Romain

Sam Romain

Digital marketing expert, data interpreter, and adventurous entrepreneur empowering businesses while fearlessly embracing the wild frontiers of fatherhood and community engagement.

Sam Romain

Sam Romain

Digital marketing expert, data interpreter, and adventurous entrepreneur empowering businesses while fearlessly embracing the wild frontiers of fatherhood and community engagement.

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