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SEO Packages for small business owners like this young woman smiling, surrounded by boxes

SEO packages for small business may seem like a pipe dream to many entrepreneurs in today’s economy. With all of the day-to-day expenses that startups and small businesses need to meet, why pay for search engine optimization (SEO)? Romain Berg understands this service can seem kind of like an unnecessary “extra,” but we’ll make it worth your while.

What Are SEO Packages for Small Business?

SEO Packages for Small Businesses Like the one run by this man and woman

The fact is, some things are more expensive than bringing in pros so that you show up in online searches. Let us explain.

When folks search for terms related to your store service, or product, those terms are called keywords. SEO professionals ensure that your business’s online presence features content with relevant keywords that real-life people search for. Search engine algorithms reward sites that use popular, naturalistic keywords. If you use the right keywords, you’ll show up higher in the Google Search results.

Think of the way you use search engines. When you need, say, a local locksmith, you might enter a phrase like, “locksmith near me.” 

Presumably, this is because you’ve locked yourself out of your house or office, which means you want accurate answers – quick.

Accordingly, when you get your search results, you’re most likely to pick from the first couple results that you get. 

There are many reasons why the locksmith you ultimately choose shows up at the top of the search rankings. Perhaps they are the only game in town, or they benefit from lots of name recognition. 

If you’re reading this and aren’t the big fish in a small pond, you’ll need to distinguish yourself. The good news is, you can organically build online name recognition. Begin by researching SEO packages for small businesses. 

Content Is Key

SEO packages for small business can help small business owners like this one, whose hands we see here as they work at a laptop while another person brings them boxes

To paraphrase the immortal classic, “Cotton-Eyed Joe,” where do these keywords come from, and where do they go? 

The short answer is, the keywords go on your website. When business websites regularly post to a blog on their site, search engines notice. 

These regular content updates tell them a couple of things. 

First, things like new blog posts show algorithms and potential customers alike that your business is still a going concern. 

Similarly, you demonstrate that you’re interested in organic customer engagement, a trait that search engine results seem to view positively. Incidentally, this is a trait that potential customers and clients tend to view favorably, as well! 

Nobody likes to feel like someone views them solely as marks or ATMs – even when it’s businesses.

Then, there’s the problem of finding things to write about. How do businesses find topics to write about, and how do you know which keywords to use?

Truly search engine optimized blog posts, and web content that will move your business up in search rankings isn’t random. You can’t throw wet spaghetti “keywords” to the wall just to see what sticks.

Well, you can. But it’s a waste of time and energy.

You have to do your homework to find relevant keywords to incorporate organically into blog posts and other web content. You can find tools to research effective keywords for your business. Web builder sites like WordPress and Squarespace give you tools to help with this.

Alternatively, businesses can simply pay to boost their ads and search engine rankings. However, be warned: customers tend to prefer to learn about you through things like articles instead of straight-up ads.

How to Avoid Do-It-Yourself SEO

SEO packages for small business includes entrepreneurs like this man and woman in aprons looking at a tablet together

By now, you’ve probably started to appreciate that there’s an opportunity cost to improving your business’s search engine rankings. 

If you do SEO yourself, that opportunity cost is the time and effort it takes to generate new web content. Now, if you’re thinking regularly posting blog posts seems like a lot of work, you’re not wrong.  

Thankfully, like most things that are a lot of work, you can hire someone else to do it for you.

SEO packages for small businesses aren’t free, obviously. But when you consider the alternative of adding writing and research to your already-lengthy “to do” list – their value becomes apparent.

Your business should rise near the top of the results when potential customers search for you. If potential customers or clients don’t see your store, service, or product there, it costs you. In the current economic climate, you need to be high in the search rankings.

Bring In the SEO Professionals

SEO packages for small business means bringing in pros like this smiling woman at a laptop with dresses behind her

The good news is, skilled individuals are waiting in the wings to come to the aid of America’s small businesses. And the kind of content marketing we’re talking about tends to be cheaper than traditional marketing methods!

No, these kindly, highly-intelligent folks aren’t superheroes. These intrepid souls are SEO professionals, and they can take small businesses where they need to be. 

SEO packages for small businesses are predicated on this idea: businesses can’t survive if people can’t find them. Because search engine algorithms change constantly, someone who keeps up with these shifts continually can help to optimize your search results. 

Simply put, 21st-century entrepreneurs and small businesses face lost revenue if they don’t show up in search engine rankings.  

Romain Berg SEO Packages for Small Business

SEO packages for small business owners like this smiling man at a bike shop

Romain Berg respects and honors small businesses. We believe small businesses are the framework of a strong, healthy community. We know the drive, vision, faith, and hard work it takes to begin and operate these enterprises. 

We also know that you care about your customers and your community. People deserve to know about your business’s high-quality products and services. That’s true whether your customers are your neighbors or people around the world who share your passion. 

Because we appreciate all this, Romain Berg takes seriously our mission to support small businesses. We show our commitment with our SEO packages for small business owners. 

If you are ready to take an often-overlooked (but essential) item off of your to-do list, contact Romain Berg

Our experienced professionals will be happy to discuss your business, its goals, and your brand. Then, our talented team of content managers and writers will craft content that reflects your brand and its values.

Take the leap into SEO with Romain Berg!


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