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Small business SEO services are a great way to amplify your business and stand out in a crowded field. Unfortunately, it can sometimes feel like you need a secret code to break through to real success in getting seen online. 

Contact Romain Berg to learn what these experienced SEO professionals can do to match your business with the right customers.

The Basics: What Exactly is SEO?

Small business SEO Services lets this woman on a computer find your product or service

Before you set out to look for small business SEO services, let’s go over some essentials.

First of all, let’s tackle SEO. This acronym gets bandied about a lot, but outside of certain marketing circles, few people are familiar with it. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is all about getting search engines to rank your business’s website in just the right way.

What that means is search engines will lead the customers who need your product or service right to you. When your website has good SEO content, potential customers will see your business when they search for certain terms.

SEO content draws eyeballs through search engine rankings by using something called keywords. Simply put, keywords are the phrases that people who want or need your business tend to shout to Alexa.

Crack the Code with Key Words

this happy food blogger couple might use small business SEO services

For example, an instance you’ve likely encountered is the lengthy food blog entry. Let’s say you want to make potato salad, but you’re short on time. You search for “easy potato salad recipe.”

When the search engine provides your results, and you pick one, you’re ready to get started. 

The food blogger, however, has other plans.

You scroll past a lengthy reminiscence about their summer abroad in the Andes working on a potato farm. Surprisingly, there’s still more. 

You keep scrolling, and as you skim the blog entry, you glean there’s some more backstory with this potato salad. Something about mayonnaise originating in France (or maybe Spain): then food blogger waxes eloquent about a trip to Provence with an ex.

Finally, at the very bottom, you see you need potatoes, eggs, mayo, relish, onions – maybe mustard if you’re feeling sassy.

Why is there a 500-word essay in an easy potato salad recipe? Likely because the food blogger is using keywords. They have certain phrases (like “easy potato salad recipe”), called keywords, that they’ve woven throughout the piece.

The Google algorithms pick up and rank this conversational keyword use. The judicious use of keywords, along with overall user experience on your site, means that when people search for these keywords, they are more likely to encounter that particular food blog.

Cut Through the Noise Small Business SEO Services 

Small Business SEO services help entrepreneurs like this group of women be heard

Small business owners and employees are extremely busy people. For hard-working folks who often wear several different hats, marketing can feel like just one more task. On the other hand, small businesses understand it is crucial to get the word out about their product or service in meaningful ways.

Keywords and search engine optimization are incredibly useful tools. However, researching keywords, crafting website content, and posting it online is all pretty time-consuming.

This is where small business SEO services can be helpful to entrepreneurs, startups, and other small businesses. If you want to gain a competitive edge, SEO can be perfect for you. However, the amount of research, tech-savvy, and writing proficiency required can make the idea daunting.

How to Get Started with an SEO Service

Businessman accountant looks at budgets for Small Business SEO Services

Given the amount of work that can go into SEO content, an SEO service may be well worth your while. Before you begin to find an SEO service, however, you may want to consider a few different factors.


Most small business owners are very cognizant of budget constraints, so we won’t dwell too long on this consideration. Look at your marketing budget, and determine how much you can put toward an SEO service. 

Cultivating Patience (along with growing your audience)

Small business SEO services can get you noticed, but it’s not likely to be an overnight thing. Search engine ranking preferences are often opaque. It can take a while for content to pick up steam in terms of page views.

Let’s say you run a pumpkin patch. 

Don’t debut your SEO website content on planning the perfect pumpkin patch photos in October. People will already have searched for the phrase “pumpkin patch photos” for a while. That means those sites with existing, long-standing pumpkin patch photo content will have more authority. There sites will rank higher than yours.

A content piece with your key phrase that goes up in August will ultimately attract more visitors to your site in October.

Be Thorough When Choosing Small Business SEO Services

Because good SEO is such an art, you want to make sure your small business SEO service isn’t taking advantage of your naivete. It can seem like SEO professionals are wizards with privileged knowledge that’s inaccessible to mere mortals.

While the mystique is true to an extent, avoid services who use this situation as a smokescreen to violate terms of use. Remember where we said you need to be patient because true SEO takes time? Be suspicious if anyone promises quick, crazy results.

Shortcuts like link schemes violate the Webmaster Guidelines at Google, for example, and could get your site penalized.

When Considering Small Business SEO Services, Take a Look at Romain Berg

Young people collaborating with laptops who might be interested in small Business SEO Services

You’ve already read this far, which likely means your more than a little ready to delegate the important work of SEO to an expert. Try Romain Berg, where we deliver results, not hype. 

Romain Berg Digital Marketing Agency works with businesses to put them over the top when it comes to increased traffic. SEO is just one of our comprehensive digital marketing services.

If you want to show up in more search engine rankings, but have no idea where to start, no worries. Let our pro team handle it so you can focus on creating and running a successful enterprise. Our SEO team uses cutting-edge techniques to put Google to work for you and your business.

You don’t have to find and integrate keywords into your online content and hope for the best. Each month, Romain Berg will provide you with exceptional SEO content and engaging effective copy. Our writers work to produce naturalistic web copy that nevertheless incorporates the relevant keywords that will drive traffic to your site.Small business SEO services help entrepreneurs level up. Contact Romain Berg and let’s talk about how to amplify your brand today.

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