Convert Viewers to Subscribers with Video Content


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Convert viewers to subscribers with engaging content

It’s one thing to have a terrific website and an engaged social media audience to attempt to convert viewers to buyers. Traffic to your website is an essential component of the sales process for sure. 

However, how do you ensure your users and site visitors eventually click the “buy” button? Converting audience members to purchasers and raving fans that refer you to their friends means developing a robust “Know, Like, and Trust Factor.”

Your optimized video content can be the key to increased sales conversions in your business. Video content is the new black for growing and retaining loyal audience members who buy from you again and again. 

Here’s how to convert viewers to buyers in several easy ways you can implement this week. 

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Quality, Not Perfection


Convert viewers to subscribers like this girl in a yellow sweater enjoying internet video

First, make sure you have a decent set-up for shooting quality video. It’s okay to use your phone as long as you can eliminate background noise and have decent lighting. 

For example, if you’re filming yourself, be sure your light source is behind the camera, not yourself. (That’s why halos, or ring lights, have become such a staple in DIY video shooting.) 

If you’re outside using your phone, use headphones for better sound quality when you speak and have the sun shining on you behind the camera. 

Then, check out some editing software apps so you can pare down your material to only the relevant points your audience must know. 

Of course, you can also hire a professional videographer if your budget allows for the best quality and editing.

Watch your video back before posting it to your channels or on your website. The picture quality should be sharp enough not to look grainy. You’ll also want to check your file size and shrink it as much as possible for the best loading speed on the platform you choose.

Video is all About Connection

Convert viewers to subscribers with engaging content like this video a girl is workout out with

Video content is unique in its ability to help you create a human connection with your audience. If you do your videos well, your videos can reach right through the laptop or mobile device screen. These videos will grab one of your soulmate customers and speak directly to their needs, desires, and wallets.

Start viewing your video content as a welcoming invitation into your world. Plan and shoot your videos as if you were hosting your viewers in your home, office, shop floor, or storefront. 

Find your authentic voice and speak from your heart in whatever you shoot. Side note: we love “cool” videos that showcase all the bells and whistles of your products and what they do. But, video works best when your viewers can connect and relate to a person.

To find your brand voice and archetype, check out this article.

Solve Customer Problems, Visually

Convert viewers to subscribers with online tutorials, like this makeup how-to vlog

Also, if you can connect your video to a relatable problem that your audience has and show directly how your product or service solves it, you’ll boost your conversions.

A super example we know is from a company that makes laundry detergent for athletic wear. Their videos showcased users soaking their sweaty shorts, socks, and yoga pants in tubs filled with water and this specialized detergent.

Then, the video showed what was left behind after the soak: dirty, gunky water and clean, odor-free athletic gear. In the video, both the owners and their customers showcased how to use the product correctly for the best results.

Since every work-out enthusiast on earth hates when clothes hold odor and stains after exercise, this video showed them precisely the solution they needed. The product flew off the digital shelves for that company after posting this demonstrative video campaign.

This is a perfect example of how to use video to convert viewers into buyers effectively.

Learn the Art of Soft Teaching

Convert viewers to subscribers with free samples or content

When you use video as a conversion tool, your audience needs a reason to watch and hopefully subscribe to or buy what you offer. Providing useful, quality content is crucial to gaining followers and customers.

However, you don’t want to give away too much, either. You want people to become paying customers. Walk this tightrope by offering “soft teaching” in your content. 

Soft teaching includes enough of a taste of your product or service to invite your viewers to get more of the precise solution you offer. For service businesses, your soft teaching might include a free webinar, a recording of a public talk you’ve recently given, or a link to a downloadable quiz or whitepaper.

For products, you could offer a free sample, accessory, or simple assembly tool in exchange for a user’s email. Then, you can keep them informed of your specials and new products with your email campaigns, which could also include more video content.

Finish with a Rock-Solid Call to Action

Convert viewers with a rock solid call to action

Alrighty. You’ve created stellar problem-solving video content with just enough soft teaching to whet your viewer’s appetite. For your videos to effectively convert viewers into sales, you’ll need to tell your users what you want them to do next with a call to action.

Your CTA should be direct and simple, with a little urgency mixed in. For example: “Our workshop starts in two weeks, and we have ten slots available at our special pricing. Click our link in bio to secure your spot!”

You can also include an element of specificity by calling out to the type of customer you most want to reach in your video. Say something like “this is for you if…” or “this offer is NOT for you if…” and fill in the blanks.   

Stop Doing Hard Things by Yourself to Convert Viewers

convert viewers to subscribers by hiring SEO experts like Romain Berg, and relax like this guy smiling at his laptop.

Video content is, like, not everyone’s bag. We get it. Sometimes the best marketing strategy goes a bit deeper than your DIY capacity, and that’s where experts like Romain Berg come in. 

We help business owners do what they do best (have more time to innovate solutions, create new products, and up-level their services) by doing what we do best (comprehensive digital marketing on all channels.)

Contact us today to get started on a video content strategy that converts casual visitors to loyal customers and raving fans.

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