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Effective Construction Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

Construction marketing is sometimes overlooked when it comes to digital marketing. Many traditional marketing professionals may feel out of their depth regarding the demand for online marketing in the construction industry.

Romain Berg digital marketing professionals proudly serve many industries. With transit construction and reconstruction at record levels in early 2020, public sector work ranks high among our priorities.

Contact Romain Berg this week, and we’ll step up to the plate with a customized, comprehensive construction marketing strategy built for your business goals.

Construction Marketing: Industry Basics

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Web designers and content developers ignore construction companies at their peril.

According to the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), construction constitutes a massive slice of the US economy. The AGC lists 680,000 employers, 7 million employees, and approximately $1.3 trillion worth of structures annually.

Now, construction can run the gamut from a local service to large-scale contracting. Different types of demand can include office, commercial, healthcare, educational, transportation, manufacturing, and power. 

What do all these industries have in common? Each of these sectors increased their construction spending in 2019.  Plus, the US isn’t the only place whose industries will need to build new structures.

The United Nations projects that by 2050, the global population will increase from 7 billion to almost 10 billion people. They estimate that nearly 70 percent of these people will be city dwellers. 

The implications of these forecasts for the construction industry are massive. With all of this demand, construction businesses need to make themselves heard amid the competition. Contractors seeking to land clients need a marketing strategy that conveys their expertise, reliability, and trustworthiness.

Addressing an Overlooked Need

Many contractors face a serious challenge. Data shows that the industry faces a chronic labor shortage. 44 percent of firms state that inadequate labor supply causes projects to delay completion. 

Coherent marketing campaigns that help customers find the right firm has the potential to attract high-quality employees. When marketing services collaborate with construction firms to amplify a brand’s trustworthiness, prospects and job-seekers alike take notice.

Both the Bureau of Labor Statistics and US Chamber of Commerce report concerns over the labor pool. High-turnover rates and inadequate skill levels create a problem for many construction firm owners. However, when a sleek, informative business website landing page turns up in Google searches, potential employees also see it.

Why A Construction Firm Should Incorporate Construction Marketing Ideas Into Their Business Development Strategy

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Digital marketing may seem like a bizarre match for one of the least-digitized industries. On the contrary, because their sector has been slow to adopt new technologies, construction businesses especially need digital marketing strategies. 

An analog approach to attracting clients is a recipe for irrelevance. By staying current with online habits and behaviors, firms widen their pool of prospects as well as high-quality job applicants.

Here are some marketing services from which the construction industry can benefit. 


In this strategy, businesses bid for keywords to show up in people’s search engine result pages (SERPs). In exchange, businesses pay a fee when someone clicks on their link.

PPC is a simple, straightforward technique that can improve a firm’s outreach. Having said that, the website that users see once they open the link needs to be authoritative and current.

Web Design

To compete for projects and employees, construction firms must have up-to-the-moment web design that reflects their brand and inspires confidence. A simple, user-friendly interface and fast load times convey professionalism and authority. 

Your website is about more than aesthetics, however. Your content should be informative, relevant, and current. A blog feature with frequent updates and usable articles can improve a website’s SERP position.

Content Writing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It takes time and effort to generate effective content for a firm’s website. Writing clear, incisive, and accurate copy is a challenging endeavor, especially as a firm works to develop a brand voice. Construction firms should outsource their evergreen content and construction marketing to a professional marketing team to yield optimal results. 

While fresh content is desirable to improve search engine results, ignoring SEO leaves ROI on the table. Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), in particular, can raise the profile of a construction business in their specific geographic area.

Skilled SEO professionals can weave relevant, high-traffic keywords into naturalistic, effortless-sounding content that your audience finds engaging and creditable. 

Search engines reward websites that post in this style, and your business will benefit from organic outreach. What’s more, your business will establish authenticity as part of its brand while cultivating relationships with returning and potential clients.

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are an effective way to maintain existing customers while converting leads. Prospective customers become leads when they give businesses their contact information; they convert from curiosity to being actively interested in a brand. These individuals and groups have signaled they want to know more about a company.

When you send your prospect list updates on your firm’s projects, they see your skill, craftsmanship, and dedication. Email marketing conveys a narrative about your firm’s work that keeps your firm top-of-mind.

Conveying Trust Is Good Business

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Ultimately, the main construction marketing idea you can use is actively investing in construction marketing. By taking control of your brand and its messaging, you raise awareness about your firm, its work, and its quality.

You can’t afford not to amplify your reputation for trustworthiness. 

High-trust firms report that 4 out of 5 projects involve repeat customers. The potential for increased gross margins ranks between 2-7 percent.


Trust Romain Berg For Your Industrial Digital Marketing Needs 

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We know the importance of building a reliable brand that customers trust. We bring that commitment to the work we do for our clients. When you collaborate with Romain Berg to market your company, you partner with an organization driven by real results.

Construction firms and contractors are crucial components of their community and, ultimately, our nation and its economy. We consider it our privilege and responsibility to continuously provide industries like construction with tangible, measurable marketing results.

At Romain Berg, customers are more than prospects, leads, or opportunities. They are members of communities and families who deserve high-quality work from dedicated professionals. We know you feel the same way, so if you want a digital marketing strategy built to last, reach out to Romain Berg.

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