Creating an SEO Strategy for eCommerce


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a light up display that says SEO with a rocket

a light up display that says SEO with a rocket

SEO strategy can fit into two distinct categories: “Before Pandemic” and “After Pandemic.” eCommerce SEO strategy is now more crucial to business success than ever before.

As a business owner, it’s smart to collaborate with an expert team to build your online audience and garner customer loyalty. You must treat your SEO strategy as a critical piece of your post-pandemic success because it is.

The SEO experience and knowledge depth at Romain Berg are unparalleled among digital marketing agencies today. 

Visit our website to discover how we can help you land at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) reliably. Getting seen online and growing your “know, like, and trust” factor are the keys to increasing your online following and revenue. We deal in SEO results, not hype.

A Brief SEO overview

Internet search concept, finger clicking virtual screen.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art and science of getting seen online consistently. Ranking on the first page of Google results is of critical importance to every business. Only 6% of Google users scroll to the second page of search results. 

Search engines like Google rank your website based primarily on trust. Google evaluates your “trust” factor by looking at:

  • Reputable links on your site: As a rule of thumb, sites that contain .edu, .gov, and big players like top the list for trustworthiness on Google.
  • Your brand strength: When you have a branded domain (that you’ve registered for 2+ years), a robust About Us page, public “whois” information on your contact page, and reputable backlinks, Google notices. You’ll also help build trust online with active social media accounts and pleasant user experiences.

Start with a sound SEO strategy foundation.

A laptop that reads SEO Strategy

As you launch or grow your eCommerce business, begin your SEO strategy as you mean to go on. Even if your eCommerce website went live months or years ago, you can never go wrong revisiting the basics of practical SEO strategy.

Check your website for the following:

  • Web page function: Some factors might make your site visitors leave your page before seeing your products or services. Some of these factors might be: your page loads slowly, contains errors or redirects, you have poor-quality images, or your animations don’t work. 

To combat these simple issues, check your page at regular intervals for proper function. Update your photos and file sizes as needed. Shrinking image files alone can increase your page loading speed (and user experience) significantly.

  • Secure URLs: Always select HTTPS vs. HTTP in each page URL. 
  • Marketing essentials: Knowing your buyer persona down to the most detailed avatar can help you select and use keywords and content that rank best. 

You’ll also want to choose imagery that represents the demographics, goals, and product use of your ideal customer. Adding detailed ALT descriptions to these images with relevant keywords also helps your site rank well.

  • Reputable backlinks: It can’t be emphasized enough that building a trustworthy chain of backlinks helps your site rank well consistently. When other trusted sites link to yours and vice-versa, Google interprets your website as reliable and accurate.

SEO strategy must evolve continually

Closeup of businessman stopping collapsing dominos from falling with his hand.

While it’s crucial to hit the ground running with a sound SEO foundation on your site, SEO changes all the time. To stay in front of your audience on the SERP, you must be agile and relevant. Even if your brand message is one of consistency and reliability, no business survives online in stagnation.

With competitors entering the eCommerce space all of the time, your SEO must trend accordingly to keep Google’s attention. 

User experience, quality evergreen content, keyword research, and backlink-building remain the cornerstones of effective SEO. Of course, your products and services must provide useful and timely solutions to your customer base, too. 

SEO that works means a combination of trial, data gathering, and responsiveness. It’s crucial to remember that the SEO process takes time to see results at first. When you begin to use SEO in your eCommerce business purposefully, you can expect results after several weeks and months of strategy implementation.

Content marketing may be slow to get started, but the results are fruitful when done well.

When you select keywords for a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign, for example, you’ll need to monitor metrics like click-thru rate, bounce rate, direct website visits, and purchase clicks to discover the convertibility of your campaign. 

Once you have several data points as a reference, you can shift your SEO strategy to where the customers are. Dedicating your marketing dollars to an effective and prolonged SEO strategy results in reliable ROI over time. 

Your SEO strategy should be a perennial business investment to keep you at the top of the search rank. And top-of-mind with your eCommerce customer base.

Why outsource your SEO strategy for eCommerce?

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Unless you have a dedicated, experienced, in-house team of content producers, keyword researchers, social media wizards, and SEO data crunchers at your command, an outsourced SEO strategy is the way to go.

As an eCommerce business, keeping your infrastructure lean means more resources you can spend on product development or curation and a more robust sales margin.

In the eCommerce sector, getting seen online is the most massive hurdle to overcome. It follows that allocating enough resources to this challenge can help your business grow efficiently and dramatically.

Partnering with a team of SEO experts can help you navigate the online sales jungle with confidence. In effect, you’ll stand out more in the vast eCommerce forest when you get help building a noticeable virtual “tree-house.” 

Contact Romain Berg for results you can see on your balance sheet.

A woman creating an SEO strategy on her laptop

Though outsourcing your SEO strategy is an investment, it’s a sound one with Romain Berg. Our team of content producers, SEO experts, and data specialists take your website in hand and shine a laser-focused spotlight on it. 

SEO strategy can make or break your eCommerce business, so it’s paramount to trust the SEO partners you select.

We help you get in front of the right people online to find new audience members and turn them into raving fans and returning customers.

Fill out our contact form today, and we’ll be in touch to get to know your business. Once we understand your sales goals, we’ll help you shatter them with an SEO strategy that delivers results, not hype.

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